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The Tybout Redfearn & Pell Workers’ Compensation Department is pleased to offer the following seminars, live or via webcast, to any workers’ compensation insurance carrier, employer, or third-party administrator:

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Half-Day Seminar (approximately 4 hours)

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of all Title 19, Chapter 23 benefits and procedures, and will provide a focus on the seminal case law, and its practical applications, for every type of workers’ compensation case or claim before the Industrial Accident Board of the State of Delaware.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation “Nuts and Bolts” Seminar (approximately 2 hours)

This seminar provides an overview of the statutory workers compensation benefits as well as a concentration on the most-common workers’ compensation cases and defensive strategies to address those cases. In addition, this seminar offers a “new claim” outline that may be particularly useful to new claims adjusters.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Rights and Lien Protection (approximately 1 hour)

This seminar provides a useful analysis of the subrogation rights of the workers’ compensation carrier, as well as avenues for recovering your workers’ compensation lien. Proper valuation of your lien in a third-party settlement context is also discussed.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment Issues and Strategic use of Utilization Review (approximately 1 – 1.5 hours)

This seminar addresses how to handle frequent medical treatment issues and how to determine the compensability and reasonableness of ongoing medical care. The seminar also addresses best practices for mitigating ongoing medical treatment expenses by using the Utilization Review mechanism.

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Training – Custom Topic/Issue

Create a seminar focused on a specific topic or need that you may have.

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