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Berry v. Racer's Edge Stables, Inc.

Berry v. Racer's Edge Stables, Inc., IAB Hearing No. 1199854 (May 18, 2004)

The Board deems a claim of permanent impairment to the bladder to be premature. Both medical experts concurred that the treatment modalities existed that could benefit Claimant and since she indicated a desire to undergo such treatment, the Board stated that it was premature to know what rating the Board might afford from the results of a surgery that has not yet been performed.

Short v. Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Short v. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IAB Hearing No. 1141957 (October 21, 2004)

Permanent impairment benefits were denied where the claimant had previously been awarded a 15% impairment to the left upper extremity, and sought an additional 9% impairment due to a proposed third surgery. The surgery had not yet been performed at the time of the hearing. The Board denied benefits as premature.


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